Emergency Services

Dial 911 To Report An Emergency

Garrettsville Police Department
Emergency Phone Number 330-527-2414
Non-Emergency Phone Number 330-527-4717

Community EMS
Emergency Phone Number 330-527-4711
Non-Emergency Phone Number 330-527-4100

Garrettsville-Freedom-Nelson Joint Fire District
Emergency Phone Number 330-527-4144
Non-Emergency Phone Number 330-527-4050

Community Assistance and Hotlines
Portage County Sheriff 330-296-5100
Portage County Prosecutor 330-297-3850
Portage County Juvenile Court 330-297-0881
Portage County Public Defender 330-297-3665
Portage County Child Abuse Hotline 330-296-2273
Portage County Drug and Alcohol Abuse 330-296-3255
Portage County M.A.D.D. 330-297-6701
Portage County Victim/Witness Assistance 330-297-3850
Kevin Coleman Hotline 330-296-8313
Safer Futures 330-678-4357
Townhall II Helpline 330-678-4357

Water/Sewer Emergencies

Monday–Friday from 7am–3pm:
Call 330-527-2080, followed by the Clerk's office 330-527-4424 if there is no answer at the Wastewater Plant.

After 3pm and Weekends:
Call 330-527-4717 to notify the Police Department.