Please be sure to abide by the following stipulations:

* Branches must be out no later than 7:00AM on Monday or Tuesday of the pick-up week in order to guarantee collection in that month

* Branches should be placed on the tree lawn (grass area within 10 feet of the pavement edge) in neatly stacked piles with cut end toward the street. Where a ditch exists along the pavement edge, branches should be placed ON THE STREET SIDE, rather than in, the ditch

* Piles should be free of stumps, leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste, briars, vines, and anything with thorns

* BAGGED leaves and flower bed debris will be collected in Spring and Summer months

* For the safety of our Street Department, branches should not greater than 4 inches in diameter

The Street Department will pick up only those branches and bagged items that conform to the above guidelines.